The Catholic Finance Association seeks to engage the finance community through ongoing discussion of Catholic social teaching and its relevance to finance topics, such as the market’s impact on civil society, the moral implications of finance policy, questions of solidarity and subsidiarity on Wall Street, the means of meaningfully responsible investing, and so on.

The Catholic Finance Association is a social and professional community. We come together to:

  • Grow in our faith and understanding of Catholic social teaching,
  • Engage and implement that teaching within the finance industry, and
  • Offer service to the Church with the knowledge and expertise we have as Catholic financial professionals.


The Catholic Finance Association was founded to:

  • Analyze pressing finance-related questions using the guiding principles of Catholic social teaching
  • Help finance professionals ask better questions about their industry and how they contribute to the economy
  • Create a forum for conversation with and among leaders of important financial institutions, the Church, the academy, and government
  • Collaborate with Catholics, Christians and all finance professionals of good will, to ultimately be at the service of the finance community and our Church communities
  • Cultivate a membership network available to finance professionals at all levels.